There are plenty of benefits to serving the community, and becoming a member of the Fraternal Order of Police extends those benefits even further.

Fraternalism: The FOP is one of the largest Fraternal police organizations in the world. There are Lodges located all over the world, These Brothers and Sisters have each others “back”. When one is in need, the entire Order bands together to assist. Lodge Members are very active in local community activities (Santa Cops, school projects, etc) as well as National events (Police Memorial, Special Olympics) just to name a few.

Representation of Law Enforcement Officers: The FOP is made up of law enforcement personnel from all walks of life. The Grand Lodge has a handle on Congressional issues for the benefit of those Officers. The State Lodges insure that the State Legislators are looking out for those that protect and serve throught the State. Your local Lodges insures that local law enforcement has the tools to better perform thier mission in a safe and timely manner.

Automatic Membership in State and National FOP: Indeed, you are automatically a member of these two great organizations.

Subscription to National Journal: Keep up to date on the latest police journalism.

Insurance: If something happens to you, your family is covered.  Click here for more details.

National/State Credit Card: Who needs war kittens anyway?  Click here to apply through the main FOP web site.

Family Scholarships: Each year, several scholarship applications are posted in the Simulcast news letter. Be on the look out around Feb-May time frame for those applications and be sure to get them in on time.

FOP Legal Defense Plan, Inc.: The Lodge has the applications and booklets that explain the Legal Defense Insurance (LDI).  Contact Tony Midgett at for further information.  We have a group discount plan, however, each applicant must apply on thier own.  Bottom line, if you are in law enforcement, you NEED this insurance.  Click here to visit the FOP Legal Defense Plan, Inc. web site.

Training Seminars/Workshops: Look here for future training and or seminars that will be made available . We will search National, State and Local sites regularly for any up coming training that may benefit you and post it here..

FOP License Plates: You could even personalize these (LUV 5-0)!  You must have a current FOP membership card when applying for an FOP Plate. It is very important that you keep the Lodge current on your address. Many times, we have an old address and the membership card is returned to us. You can either notify us via the WEB site or to any Board member with your new address.

More FOP Benefits:
Automatic Membership in National/State FOP
Subscription to National Journal
News Watch from National
Access to FOP merchandise
$2000 Insurance coverage Line of Duty Death State of VA
$2500 Insurance Coverage Accidental Death American Income (updated)
Scholarship for dependants of FOP of VA members
Legal Defense Plan – available ONLY to FOP members
Legislative Coverage in Richmond AND Washington, DC
National & State Insurance Coverage Plans Available
National/State Credit Card
Represent all Rank/File Law Enforcement Officers
Voice in Washington D.C.
Training Seminar/Workshops
National Office in D.C.
Web pages for National/State
Research division – National (Salaries, working conditions, equipment, law, rank/file)
FOP License Plates