Active Lodge

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Merchandise, such as local Lodge pins, patches, license plate covers, etc., can be obtained by contacting the Lodge President.   For National items, contact the Lodge Secretary.

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Auxiliary Lodge

Please consider having your Spouse, Family member (Brother, Sister, Neice, Nephew, etc) join the Auxiliary.  The Auxiliary is made up of the family members of the Main lodge.  They support the Main lodge with events, projects and every day running of the Lodge.  A great burden is taken off of the Main lodge by their active role.

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Associate Lodge

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The Associate Lodge is a very important part of Lodge 43.  They are comprised of citizens from with-in the community who have a desire to be a part of an organization that does so much for a select group, mainly, law enforcement.  Their day to day activities take  dedication as well as time from their every day life to handle what ever project the Lodge needs to be done.  They work hand in hand with the Main Lodge and Auxiliary Lodge to accomplish the goals as set by the membership.

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