Each year, Battlefield Lodge 43, (Main Lodge, Aux Lodge and Assoc Lodge), treat about 100 children from the east and west end of Prince William County to a shopping spree. The money is donated by numerous business’ as well as funding provided by our solicitation fund raising group. The children are selected by an Agency with-in PWC based on the need of the child. The Lodge has no input on the selection.

We have had an an outpouring of help from the ADC, Sheriff office, PWC Police Academy, PWC Police Dept, PWC Animal Control, Va State Police, Fairfax Police, George Mason Police, Auxiliary Police units (please forgive me if I missed anyone), and many other non-police related citizens.

These volunteers take one or more children to a selected big box store (lately, Wal-Mart) and “assist” the child with obtaining up to $100. to $150, worth of items that the child pre-selects.

Later, the children are driven in police type vehicles to a selected location for breakfast. For 2012, Uno’s served both the east and west end kids.

While they are being fed, volunteers, lately from PWC school’s personnel as well as the Aux and Assoc Lodge members, wrap the “goodies” before the children are transported back to their residence’s (by the way, they are also picked up at their residence by police type vehicles).

If you want a rewarding experience, check out the event that usually occur a week before Christmas. The exact date will be published in the news letter (Simulcast) in November.